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Open Doors for Municipal Valuers for New Valuation Roll

The City is compiling the fourth General Valuation Roll made up of property information of all ratable properties within the boundaries of the municipality, for determination of assessment rates.

The General Valuation Roll under compilation will be implemented from 1 July 2021 and be valid until 30 June 2025. As part of the compilation process, the Municipal Valuer and his team will have to physically inspect some properties and will need access to be able to carry out inspections. Physical inspections started on 4 February 2020 and continues until 26 January 2021.

In terms of Section 41(1) of the Municipal Property Rates Act as Amended (MPRAA), the Valuer of a Municipality, Assistant Municipal Valuer, Data Collector or other person authorised by the Municipal Valuer in writing, may:

  1. Between 07:30 and 19:00 on any day except a Sunday or public holiday, enter any property in the municipality that must be valued in terms of this Act (MPRAA); and
  2. Inspect that property for the purpose of the valuation
  3. If a person authorised by a municipal valuer in terms of subsection (1) is not in possession of an identity card in the prescribed format containing a photograph of that person, the municipality must issue to that person such a card.

Ekurhuleni residents are asked to give access to the Municipal Valuer and his team. The team can be identified by the uniform they will wear – lime T-shirts, yellow bibs and white cricket hats/caps.

Owners of income producing properties and specialised properties are requested to co-operate with the Municipal Valuer when requesting information that will assist in valuing such properties. Information include leases, plans for existing buildings, financial statements etc.

With about 700 000 properties in Ekurhuleni that must be included on the valuation roll, it is impossible to gain access to all properties within a year.  However, because it is a mass valuation, the City also uses tools such as pictometry, GIS, Aerial photos and views of some areas to determine value on those properties.


Senior Manager: Valuation Lereku Leku illustrates how the valuers will be dressed for identification.

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