Community Empowerment

Primrose Residents Recycle Glass for Charity

As a means of raising funds for the Rest-A-While Primrose Community Centre for the aged residents of Primrose in Germiston are collecting and selling recyclable glass bottles to Consol Glass Company.

The glass company has placed two of its recycling bins in at the community centre on the corner of Shamrock and Churchill Avenue where community members can fill the bins with glass. Consol Glass collects the bins once a month and pays the centre around R400 per filled bin.

Trudy Carreira, manager at the Rest-A-While Community Centre, said proceeds from recycling glass makes a huge difference in sustaining the centre, which helps feed senior citizen over the age of 60 who visit the centre in search of food.

“The project is gaining momentum; everyone in this neighbourhood sees the benefits of recycling. This recycling initiative is our only source of income now. I therefore plead with everyone from around the community to contribute by just dropping off their glass bottles in these bins for a good cause,” pleads Carreira.