Community Empowerment

Qualifying Indigent Households Called To Register to Avoid Accumulation of Municipal Debt

Members of the community who qualify as indigent households are encouraged to register on the City’s indigent database to avoid accumulating debt on their municipal accounts.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Water, Sanitation and Energy Cllr Tiisetso Nketle addressed members of the community through a syndicated radio broadcast on 30 March regarding water provision matters. The radio broadcast marked the end of Water Month which was commemorated in March under the theme Valuing Water.

The registration of indigent households is administered by the Finance Department at Customer Care Centres and the verification of which household qualifies is done through the ward structures, including the ward councillor and the ward committees.

The following documents are needed when applying to be on the indigent household database:

  • Latest municipal services account
  • Birth certificates of all dependents
  • Proof of any income or unemployment
  • Pension receipts or statements
  • Identity Document (ID) of the municipal account holder
  • Identity Documents (IDs) of all members in the household
  • Signed affidavit from your local police station stating your unemployment status

The verification process

It is important to note that application does not mean automatic registration. 

There is a strict verification process which also entails a home visit.  It is important that applicants supply and submit correct information and documentation during the application and verification process.  

Only once the indigent co-ordinators from the City declare that the household qualifies as an indigent, will the application be approved.

MMC Nketle emphasised the need for communities to join hands with the municipality so that saving water becomes a lifestyle.

“Water Month may have come to an end but saving water continues. Water is the key to our health and general livelihood for our homes and businesses,” she added.