Community Empowerment

Rain Water Harvesting

South Africa is a water-scarce country. Therefore, every little drop of rain counts, and rain harvesting goes a long way in ensuring that water is stored for future use.

You can even direct the rain water by creating water channels on the ground to get the water to your garden, grass or flower bed.

The list of fain water use is almost endless, but here are few things for which the harvested water may be used:

  • Washing the car;
  • Watering the garden;
  • Filling the swimming pool;
  • Flushing the toilet;
  • Cleaning inside/outside the house;
  • Washing laundry;
  • Watering your vegetable garden.

Residents are urged to continue using water sparingly, especially during heatwave conditions.

The hot weather brings a high demand for water resulting in water reservoirs running low, which is aggravated by evaporation at some dams exposed to the sun. This means that some areas could experience low to no water pressure because of the low water levels in the reservoirs.

During heatwave conditions please:

  • use water sparingly;
  • do not water gardens during the day;
  • do not fill swimming pools during the day;
  • do not use a hosepipe to wash your car.

In heatwave conditions please avoid direct sunlight and congested places where air ventilation is minimal.

Please report water outages and issues to the call centre on:

  •   0860 543 000
  • My Ekurhuleni App
  • Twitter – @CoE_Call_Centre