Community Empowerment

Residents of Lesedi Street Pull Out All The Stops to a Cleaner Environment

Lesedi Street in Thembisa, which stretches from Moedi to Khatlamping, is proving to be among the cleanest in Ekurhuleni thanks to its residents.

The community has also adopted a communal type of living by pulling resources, from each family buying a chair to be shared during family events, to using professional services from those who have unique skills.

Residents who are teachers opened the extra lessons groups while former and current sport professionals started different sporting codes for the children and adults in the street. They would then host sport days where the whole community would get involved. The extra lessons groups meet every weekend.

Those who are healthcare professionals provide first aid training for free to the community.

The community is led by Ward 10 councillor, Cllr Selahlegile Simon Mokgethwa, and former ward councillor Sello Serote. Cllr Mokgethwa said that the street is fortunate to have residents who are willing to work together. “We are a family here. Everything we do here we do to better the lives of one another. Social cohesion is at the centre of our communal living in Lesedi Street,” he said.

Member of the street committee Abe Mawango said the community bought a public announcement system and a tent to be used by the community. “We have sport days. We clean our street frequently. We teach our children to take care of the environment,” Mawango said.