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Some Businesses May Require a Water Meter Upgrade

The current economic conditions that face our country and the world continue to prompt the start of small home-based businesses.

Some these small businesses result in an increase in water consumption. Businesses such as car washes and food packaging require a lot of water for their day-to-day operation.

These changes in consumption require proper evaluation to determine whether a larger water meter needs to be installed to replace the current normal household one.

Increased water consumption

  • An increased water consumption may put pressure on a smaller water meter.
  • This increase can then lead to interruption in water supply and or burst water pipes.

Who should apply for an upgrade?

  • Businesses that require high usage of water daily.
  • Businesses that have grown resulting in a higher demand on their water supply.

Steps to follow;

  • A letter or an email must be forwarded to the Water and Sanitation Department for consideration and evaluation.
  • The applicant must include all relevant details of the business including type of business, physical address and status of the business.
  • The notable changes in consumption patterns must be included on the request.

Who is liable for the costs?

  • The consumer/owner of the property is liable for the removal and replacement costs of the water meters, as prescribed in the water tariff of the municipality.
  • After the full amount has been settled then the municipality will implement the upgrade.

Where to apply:

Send an email to and the relevant area engineer will get in contact with you.