Community Empowerment

Talking Water Preservation as Part of Water Month Activities

The Water and Sanitation Department’s Community education campaigns for Water Month started on 10 March in Daveyton.

This saw visits by the Water and Sanitation Department to 10 car washes in the area and water saving tips were shared. These included using a bucket as much as possible when washing cars, recycling water and accessing water from alternative sources.

“Car washes are some of the highest water consumers based on the nature of their business which is water intensive. Although some have, in recent times, implemented eco-friendly technologies that reduce water usage and wastage, many car washes in the City of Ekurhuleni have not yet taken that step,” says MMC for Water and Sanitation Cllr Tiiesetso Nketle.

“As such, there is a need to create awareness regarding the need for these businesses to accept responsibility to reduce water consumption and water wastage,” added Nketle, explaining that this is a way to heed the call for this year’s Water Month which is to Value Water.

Over the coming days the awareness team will visit car washes in Delmore Park and Katlehong, areas that have been identified as high consumers. While at the sites, officials will also establish the nature of water connection that the businesses use, and whether they comply with the City’s water supply bylaws.

Whilst most of the country experienced an abundance of rain water in recent times, South Africa remains a water scarce country and efforts to curb water wastage remains a core function.