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The Rain Is Welcome, but We Still Need to Save Water

Welcome rain has been falling over the past weeks, but we must continue to save water because not all the dams that feed to Rand Water are at full capacity.

Check out the dam levels as below, published by Rand Water on 2 February 2021, and the figures should motivate you to do everything in your home or business to save water. This is in your interest and that of your family, business and your City.

Do the right thing – save water in your kitchen, bathroom, garden, your laundry/washing day and in your business/plant.

Dam Levels as recorded on

2 February 2021

​Vaal Dam 

Percentage:  79.8%

Level:            20.78
Volume:        2076.8

Flow:            18

Rainfall:        4.2

Sterkfontein Dam

Percentage:   96.7% 

Level:             80.69 

Volume:          2529.3

Flow:               0



Grootdraai Dam

​Percentage:  107.2%

Level:          27.61

Volume:       374.7

Flow:           300
Rainfall:       36.2


Bloemhof Dam

Percentage:  102%

Level:          18.09

Volume:       1267.3

Flow:           100

Rainfall:       0

Vaal Barrage Dam
Barrage Level at 07h00 (m): 7.42

Flow at 07h00 (m3 s): 29.802
Ave flow, day before (m3/s): 31.552

Min.flow, day before(m3/s): 26.699
Max. flow, day before (m3/s): 44.190
Rainfall, day before (mm): 3.5
Evaporation (mm): 9.5
Conductivity (mS/cm):  52.0

Lethabo River level (m): 2.52

Number of gates open: 1

Inches:  1 x 18″