Community Empowerment

Water Users Are Encouraged To Use Water Sparingly

The City of Ekurhuleni appeals to its residents and businesses to use water sparingly. This follows a notice by Rand Water indicating that demand in Gauteng has risen sharply over the past few days.

This situation has resulted in low levels in some of the critical reservoirs that supply municipalities, including Ekurhuleni. This is despite the implementation of the flexibility to move around water amongst the water supply systems.

Consumers are encouraged to do the following to use water sparingly:

  • to limit watering of gardens, and if gardens are watered it must only be in the early evening or early morning;
  • to take short showers instead of a bath;
  • to use a bucket to wash cars, not hose pipes;
  • reuse water as much as possible, water from washing clothes and from washing fruits and vegetables are typical examples;
  • immediately fix water leaks and report municipal burst pipes;
  • when washing hands do not let the water run; as you rub the hands for 20 seconds remember to keep the tap turned off;
  • do everything possible to minimise water evaporation including from the swimming pools by covering them when not in use.

“Non-compliance to water restrictions will compromise the supply of water to everyone. So, saving water is truly the smart thing to do,” MMC for Water and Sanitation Cllr Ttisetso Nketle appealed.

“As an industrial area, water is very key to the success of the businesses in our area” she added.