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What to Do When you Get Error-30 When Loading Prepaid Units

There can be times when prepaid meter customers experience problems when trying to load prepaid units.

The cable that supplies the property with power (alternating current) is subject to many interferences and attenuation that can sometimes affect the communication between the meter and the keypad. When this happens it results in the meter showing an “ERROR-30” when you try to load prepaid units. What this means is that at that point in time the keypad cannot communicate with the meter.

If this happens:

  • Unplug the keypad and plug it into a different power outlet socket that is closer to the main distribution board.
  • Unplug all the appliances near the keypad.
  • Systematically disconnect other household appliances that are plugged in and switch on and see if any one of them is causing the problem (eg DSTV etc). Note the problem appliances for future reference.
  • Check that fluorescent lamps are switched off.

Generally these steps will solve the problem, but if not try again later. Should the problem continue log a call with the services call centre on 0860 543 000.