Community Empowerment

Women Join Hands to Clean Blesbokspruit Wetland

wetland wasteA group of women from the Etwatwa Greening Team – a non-profit organisation – rolled up their sleeves and cleaned the Blesbokspruit Wetland situated along the Eiselen Road bridge, a main road in Etwatwa near Daveyton.

They did this to demonstrate their passion for the environment and to encourage community members to keep their surroundings clean and avoid illegal dumping.

A wetland is land covered, often intermittently, with shallow water, such as marshes or swamps.  They are a critical part of the natural environment as they provide habitat for animals and plants.

All members of the team call themselves champions of a greener and cleaner environment. Nogolide Zakume (36), the secretary of the Etwatwa Greening Team, says her passion was more on conducting educational campaigns and attracting more young women into recycling and agriculture.

“It pains me to see a polluted environment caused by human beings. What frustrates me the most is seeing unemployed young people illegally dumping waste on any open space and not thinking of making a living from that waste through recycling,” said Zakume.