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Zoning of Business, a Huge Concern for the City

Setting up a business to operate from a residential area, or your home, requires a full understanding of the relevant property zoning regulations to ensure compliance with the City’s bylaws.

It is imperative to understand the rules of engagements for operating a business in the City and that can be done by visiting the City Planning office in Kempton Park.

There are many business entities that operate successfully from home with little or no disruption and no fear of overstepping the bylaws. On the other end, there are businesses that operate in residential areas that cause disruption and are a nuisance to other residents in the neighbourhood.

MMC for Finance and Economic Development Cllr Nkosindiphile Xhakaza said any business conducted from home was an infringement to the residential zoning regulations because the zoning laws state that a business can only be conducted in areas earmarked for business.

He added that zoning schemes was a legal document that stipulates what type of buildings and activities could take place in a particular area. It includes regulations pertaining to restrictions on such rights and how they can be exercised.

“If an area is not zoned for business, residents in the neighbourhood might have a strong objection to a rezoning. In order to apply for rezoning an applicant must advertise the business’s intention to conduct a particular business activity in the local newspapers where after residents and other stakeholders have the chance to respond with any objections,” added Xhakaza.