Community Safety

Beware of Flooding

The City of Ekurhuleni has experienced persistent rain fall of late with more predicted for this week.

Floods can occur either with little warning or develop slowly during the rain and even after it has ceased, moreover in the low-lying areas.   

City of Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) cautions residents to consider personal safety, pets’ safety, livestock and safety to their personal belongings and properties. Emergency services rescue teams are ready for any eventualities that may emanate due these weather conditions to protect and save lives at risk.

Across the City there are several known low-lying bridges and residential areas which occasionally flood during the rain. These same areas are closely monitored for any eventualities.

Such wet rainy conditions contribute detrimentally to the safety of motorists, pedestrians and residents in general. Individual lives are accidentally lost due to poor driving conditions and lack of safety consideration.    

Both motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to be cautious when approaching low lying bridges. They shouldn’t drive through or walk across when the road surface is under the water.  Road users should use an alternative route if in doubt.

The pipelines that cross rivers are not bridges; many pedestrians use them to cross. This is a dangerous practise as pipeline surfaces are slippery resulting in a person falling into the flooded water stream below and possibly drowning. It is better take the longer safer route.

People living in low-lying areas must always be on high alert as possible flooding may occur. Monitor rising water levels and possible evacuation to higher spots in case the water level rises is advised.

Additional safety tips to consider: –

  • Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.
  • Keep to the speed limit and safe following distance.
  • Do not use communication devices such as cell phones while driving.
  • Monitor weather alerts on radio / television.
  • Avoid driving through flooded areas and stagnant water. Water can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and crash.
  • Where possible should avoid contact with any flood waters. The water may be contaminated with raw sewage, oil or other dangerous substances, and may also be charged with electricity from fallen power lines.
  • Avoid building residential structures on low lying areas.
  • Illegal dumping blocks the draining systems and causes flooding, unnecessary putting lives and property at high risk.
  • Perimeter wall fencing without a base drain system prevents water from running freely out of the yards, and subsequently individual houses experience flooding.

In case of emergency:

  • City of Ekurhuleni Call Centre number: 011 458 0911,
  • Land Line toll free number: 10177
  • Cell-Phone toll free number: 112