Community Safety

City Adopts Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving

The City of Ekurhuleni has a zero tolerance policy against driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk drivers are most often apprehended after they have been involved in accidents, have been driving erratically, or if they fail a breathalyser test at a road block.

According to the Road Traffic Act 93/96, “No person shall on a public road drive a vehicle; or occupy a driver’s seat of a motor vehicle, the engine of which is running, while the concentration of alcohol in any specimen of blood taken on part of his or her body is not less than 0,05 gram per 100 millilitres”.

Member of Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Community Safety Cllr Frans Mmoko said, “When one is caught driving drunk, previous offences and the nature of the offence will be taken into consideration by the magistrate when determining your sentence. Previous offenders are usually punished more harshly than those with no previous convictions.”

Mmoko said punishments for drunk driving vary depending on individual cases and individual circumstances, but the minimum fine is R2 000 and maximum R120 000.

“You could be given a suspended sentence, which means if you are caught again the previous penalties will be added onto the new one,” said the MMC.

According to Arrive Alive, if you kill someone while driving drunk apart from possible prison time, you can also be fined up to R180 000. You could lose your licence and you get a criminal record (for 10 years).  This could seriously affect your future job prospects and many other facets of your life. You can also be required to do community service, or go to a rehabilitation centre.