Community Safety

Cutting Trees Grown Over Electricity Cables Can Be Deadly

The City warns residents not to attempt to cut trees that are beneath electricity cables or pylons as it is dangerous.

Trees, especially big ones, tend to fall onto the cables tripping and damaging transformers when the trees are cut by untrained persons.

Tree cutting process requires knowledge of trees and tree cutting machinery, especially when tree branches have grown over electricity cables. Home owners who attempt to remove their own trees are likely to injure themselves or even damage property when the tree falls over live cables.

Residents need to call the City’s service delivery call centre on 0860 543 000 for the services of trained tree cutters.

NB: The City cuts trees that are on municipal property, like driveways, sidewalks and municipal servitude area outside yard boundaries. Should a tree within your property need to be cut, please contact an expert in the field.