Community Safety

Do Not Remove or Prune Municipal Trees

Residents are cautioned not to prune or treat municipal trees.

The municipal trees on walkways, parks and sidewalks have been planted and nurtured over many decades to provide clean air, cool shade during hot summer days and a green environment for the community to enjoy.

Residents are warned not to remove trees because they drop leaves, flowers, fruit, seedpods or ooze gum. They are advised to contact the City as it is its responsibility to do so when such services are needed, and the City officials are trained to do it in a way that maintains the ecosystem.

Trees play a vital part in the cooling and conditioning of the City’s air. Like all living plants, trees need care and to be maintained.

Dead trees, problematic tree roots, tree stumps or those situated on the sidewalks that present a danger to the public will be pruned or removed by the City and at its cost.

Anyone accidentally or wilfully removing trees belonging to the City will be charged the value of the tree, as determined through the Helliwell System of Evaluation of Trees as determined by the approved City tariffs for removal of trees.

Contravening municipal bylaws is punishable by a fine of up to R2 000 or a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment or both.

“Trees are a source life as they breathe out oxygen that we breathe in. When residents hire untrained tree cutters who do not have appropriate equipment and training to cut down trees, they can cause harm to people and damage property,” said Divisional Head for Parks Emmanuel Maphorogo.

It is also important for residents to note that trees planted on the sidewalk by members of the public become the property of the City and they will be maintained by the City.

Residents wishing to remove or prune trees on the sidewalks need to submit a written request to and it will be at the City’s discretion to approve the removal or pruning of the tree after proper investigation.

Residents are also encouraged to notify the Parks and Cemeteries division should they want trees planted on sidewalks and park spaces.

Every tree planted is an investment into future generations’ environment and helps guarantee a cleaner and greener environment for all.

All requests can be logged via the call centre at 0860 543 000, Twitter @CoE_call_centre, email or My CoE App.