Community Safety

Do Not Remove Trees Fallen on the Road Sides

Uprooted trees and those that hang too low on public roads are dangerous to motorists and pedestrian as they obstruct the view of the road.

Sometimes part of a tree may hang low and obstruct the view of a motorist making driving on that road dangerous.

This may tempt residents to cut and remove those trees. The City warns against this as it is a contravention of its by-laws. 

Worth noting is that this only refers to trees that are on public roads and on residential land that belong to the municipality. Land outside the demarcated gate of properties belongs, and is maintained by, the City.

According to the City Street Tree By-laws accidentally or wilfully removing a tree/s on public property will lead to you being charged the value of the tree/s. The fees charged for removing and pruning municipal trees is determined using the Helliwell System of Evaluation of Trees, as approved in the tariffs for the removal of trees.

Any other contravention of the by-laws is punishable by a fine of up to R2 000 or a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment – or both.

To report fallen trees call 0860 543 000.