Community Safety

Emkhathini Bridge Declared Safe for Pedestrians and Motorists to Use

Emkhathini bridge is back in business.

During inspections of municipal bridges the Emkhathini bridge was found to have eroded wings due to its age. Built above the railway crossing on Dr George Nyanga Street in Thembisa the pedestrian sidewalk was also found to be wanting.

Kgadi Marumo, Thembisa Roads and Stormwater Depot Manager said the collapsed South-East embankment was repaired and the damaged walkway/sidewalk caused by the runoff. The installation of gabions to prevent further erosion on the embankment was effected.

Koketso Mokau, a resident in Emkhathini who uses the bridge on a daily basis to get to work, thanked the City for job well done. “After the bridge was closed, it was no longer safe for us as pedestrians as we had to share the road with cars. I am glad that it was closed for a good reason to keep us safe and for that I will always be grateful to the City for putting our safety first,” said Mokau.

The City calls on residents to report any road related issues service delivery issues through My CoE App or Call Centre on 0860 543 000/