Community Safety

Fake News Alert!

Fake jobs 4Please note that there are a number of posts doing the rounds calling for people to apply for jobs and linking the City – this is fake news.

One such post is from a so-called ‘Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality’ site inviting people to apply for jobs through a ‘South African Reference’ number VJ5001176. The post says that online applications are not accepted and to contact Mr Makua for more information.

In another post that has gone viral MCC Security is offering jobs for 200 male and 50 female security officers. Applicants are asked to drop off their applications at Springs Civic Centre and that interviews will be done from 28 – 30 September. The Great Bravo Mike is given as a contact.

Please note that ALL vacancies for positions within the City of Ekurhuleni are advertised on our website, and applications can ONLY be done online through the City’s website. The City does not advertise positions on social media.