Community Safety

Fire Hydrant – The Tool That Save Lives

Members of the community are reminded that fire hydrants remain the property of the City and must be protected from vandalism.

Fire hydrant can only be used by emergency personnel to connect to in order to access water needed to douse a burning structure or to refill a water tanker.

Fire hydrants are strategically placed across the City and used to help fire fighters access water needed during firefighting. The hydrants are used to refill the water tankers on fire engines as needed while fire fighters work at putting out a fire.

When residents vandalise fire hydrants, fire fighters struggle to deal with fire strikes in our homes, cars, valuables, and lives. If the hydrants cannot be used fires can destroy property as well as lives.  

How to protect our hydrants:

  • Do not block a fire hydrant by parking vehicles next to it.
  • Do not fence them inside your yard; it is the property of the City.
  • Do not pave on top of underground fire hydrants.
  • Do not dispose of any form of debris or garbage in the valve box of the hydrant.
  • Do not attempt to open or activate hydrants with any home-made device, as this may damage the mechanism used to operate the hydrant.
  • Ensure that all the hydrants in need of repairs (leaking, broken, malfunctioning) are reported to the City.
  • Ensure that hydrants are not defaced by removing parts or by making changes to their original color.
  • Ensure that they are used for firefighting purposes only, not for the likes of a car wash.
  • Don’t paint them.

Report suspicious looking activity and any illegal activity to the police on 10111.