Community Safety

Keep Safe during the Anticipated Heavy Rains

Disruptive rain is expected over Gauteng, including the City of Ekurhuleni from this afternoon till towards the weekend.

According to the South African Weather Services (SAWS), the prolonged rainfall is anticipated to cause large scale flooding, moreover in the low-lying areas. The City of Ekurhuleni Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) remains on high alert to respond to any emergencies.

Flooding, and drownings, are eminent during such weather conditions. Low lying residential areas can be flooded by fast flowing streams resulting in some communities not being accessible.

The public is encouraged to stay indoors and off the roads as much as possible during this time. Also avoid crossing water streams by using pipelines that run over them. The surface of the pipelines are slippery and falling into the swollen streams can result in drowning and ultimately death.  Pedestrians, warns DEMS, should avoid crossing over flooded bridges where water is above ankle level.

Road surfaces are wet and slippery and motorist are urged to make sure that their vehicles are road worthy. Tyres should be in accordance to the road traffic act regulations (full threaded tyres), windshield wipers are fully functional, as well as lights (headlamps, taillights, and brake lights including both hazards and indicator). Keep a good following distance and keep to the speed limit.

If trapped in a vehicle, abandon it and move to the higher ground.  

In case of an emergency, call the City`s call centre to dispatch the nearest rescue team on 011 458 0911 / 10177 or 112.