Community Safety

Keep Your Licence with You Every Time You Get Behind the Wheels

A valid driver’s licence can be a key to many closed doors for job opportunities in South Africa. Many companies in logistics look for qualified drivers who can help them with transportation of goods from one place to another using road-based transport, such as trucks and panel vans.

The National Road Traffic Act stipulates that vehicle drivers must have a valid driver’s licence when getting behind the steering wheel. Failure to produce such a licence can lead to punishment and in some extreme instances even jail sentence.

MMC for Community Safety Cllr Frans Mmoko said, “Driving a motor vehicle on a South African road requires one to have a valid driving licence. Failure to produce such a document is indeed a punishable offence.”

Road users are urged to ensure they have their licences on them every time they get into the car. Those who fail to produce their licence could receive a fine ranging from R500 to R1 250.