Community Safety

No Job or Tender is for Sale in The City of Ekurhuleni

Job seekers and entrepreneurs who wish to do business with the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) are warned not to pay any person or employee money for jobs and tenders.

The City pleads with the public to be vigilant of scammers selling non-existent municipal jobs, and tender documents, to unsuspecting jobseekers and businesspersons. The City has been inundated with businesspersons who have been lured into a tender scam to provide waste bins.

The municipality is urging the public to be smart and not desperate for employment or business opportunities to hand money to any of its employees or persons.

The City’s recruitment and procurement processes are steeped in transparency and ethical principles. Therefore, the City’s processes are open, predictable and afford each prospective bidder a timely access to the same and accurate information.

In terms of recruitment, the City advertises vacancies, shortlist candidates, interview and appoint. There are no other short-cut processes that the scammers usually promise. The City has migrated its recruitment process from a manual format to an online platform last year. As a result of this migration, the City is no longer accepting manual submissions of job applications at customer care centres and human resource offices.

All applications are done online and vacancies in the City are advertised on the website. Request for quotations notices to tender are available on the City’s website