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Occupational Certificate is Important But Ignored

An Occupation Certificate is one important document that is usually ignored by the developers and homeowners after building the property has been completed.

An occupational certificate is a document that is issued by a building in accordance with the National Building Regulations to certify that a building has been completed in accordance with the approved building plan and all other relevant City Council requirements

Speaking during the City Planning Open Day in Alberton, Senior Manager in the Building Control in the City, Baby-girl Chuene urged homeowners to demand this document before they get into their newly built house.

“Even when you have and approved building plan, it is important to hire a professional building inspector who would issue an occupational certificate. The inspector would be able to identify faults before and call for them to be rectified while the damage is still manageable.

“This document is important as it confirm that your property is not built on top of any service line, not encroaching to your neighbour’s property and it is abiding with all its zoning rights. Occupational certificate helps even during the claims to the insurance companies,” Chuene said.

She said that occupational certificate may positively affect the value of the house. Owners can approach the nearest the City Planning Department in all Customer Care Centre for any queries concerning building plans.

Senior Manager in the Building Control Division in the City, Baby-girl Chuene addressing Luambo and Mukhethwa Kwida during the Open Day.