Community Safety

Pay Attention to Food Preparation That Could Lead to Drain Blockages

The process to prepare food should not lead to clogging of the kitchen drainage system. There are certain foods that have the potential to do just that, if necessary precautionary measures are not taken. 

Consider the following list of food as having a high potential to block drains.

Expandable foods

Some foods like pasta and oatmeal swell when mixed with hot water. Throwing any of these down your drain followed by hot water may clog drainage pipes and cause unnecessary plumbing complications.

Some vegetable skins

Keep vegetable peels or fruit peels far away from your kitchen sink. Potato, carrot and mango peels, and onion skins can also cause drain blockages. Throwing them away in the rubbish bin is a safer way to dispose of these.

Vegetable threads

Some vegetables have natural threads that may look harmless but have no place in the drainage systems. These include corn silk, spinach, celery and pumpkin. On the surface they may seem insignificant but can easily get entangled with other bits and pieces of debris and potentially jam up the drainage system.