Community Safety

Permit for Transporting Dangerous Goods

It is important to consider safety in transporting dangerous goods.

Transportation of dangerous goods is regulated to prevent accidents to persons, property, and damage to the environment by means of transport or other goods.

The Department of Disaster and Emergency Services (DEMS) provides permits to transport dangerous goods. Any vehicle that transports substances in liquid, gas or solid form and exceeds the maximum allowable quantities of per the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services Bylaws, section 24(1) must register the vehicle for a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Permit.

Issuing of Certificates of Registration Section 24(1): Details of the Groups (type) of dangerous goods and quantities that may be stored on any premises are provided in this section. No person may handle or store quantities of dangerous goods more than these quantities.

The issuing of permits for the transport of Flammable Substances by the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services is limited to substances of Group 2.1; Group 3 and Group 4.

Group II: Gases

2.1 Flammable gases Total cylinder capacity may not exceed 100 kg.

2.2 Non-flammable gases Total cylinder capacity may not exceed 333 kg.

2.3 Toxic gases No exemption

Group III: Flammable liquids

3.1 With flash points >18 °C Total quantity may not exceed 100 litres (l)

3.2 With flash points > 18 °C Total quantity may not but <23 °C exceed 420 litres.

3.3 With flash points > 23 °C Total quantity may not but < 61 °C exceed 1 100 litres.

3.4 With flash points > 61 °C Total quantity may not but < 100 °C exceed 1 100 litres.

Group IV: Flammable solids

4.1 Flammable solids Total quantity may not exceed 250 kg.

4.2 Pyrophoric substances No exemption

4.3 Water reactive substance No exception

The owner of a vehicle intended to be used for the transportation of Dangerous Goods must visit the Blitz Coetzee Testing Station in Reservoir Road, Boksburg. On the day of inspection, the Client must bring along original or certified copies of:

  • The Certification of Roadworthiness of the vehicle, and the
  • Motor Vehicle License, License Disc and Roadworthy Certificate and Operator Card

An invoice will be issued which must be paid at the Boksburg Customer Care Centre. The amount per vehicle for 2020/2021 is R 945-00. Once the amount has been paid and receipt obtained, the vehicle is then taken to the testing station.

 Vehicle inspection hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08h00 to 15h00 (excluding Public Holidays).

 For more information, you can contact:

Leon Coetzee:   011 999 5119 or e-mail

Rene Wheeler:   011 999 5689 or e-mail

City of Ekurhuleni Emergency Fire and Rescue Services: –

(011) 458- 0911          : Life Threatening Ekurhuleni Emergency Line

10177  : National Toll-Free Number

112: Cell Phone

NB: For medical and trauma patient care, call Gauteng Ambulance Services on (011) 564-2211 or 564-2210.