Community Safety

Report Police Misconduct

Members of the public can lodge a complaint against metro police officers for intimidation, harassment, assault or corruption, among other forms of misconduct.

Those who believe that their rights have been infringed upon by EMPD officers need to lodge a formal complaint in writing with the department’s Internal Affairs Unit, responsible for handling such complaints.

Complaints of misconduct against an officer can also be laid with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).

EMPD Acting Superintendent Kobeli Mokheseng said the complaint will be registered and allocated to an investigating officer who will then contact the complainant regarding the grievance.

Member of Mayoral Committee for Community Safety Cllr Pheladi Mmoko urged members of the community to trust and have faith in the process because the procedure exists to aid the aggrieved, and ensure that officers on the wrong side of the law are disciplined.

Furthermore, there is a newly formed Civilian Oversight Committee tasked with monitoring, advising and reporting on all aspects related to matters of good governance, financial matters, operational effectiveness and the efficiency of the EMPD. Furthermore, the committee is tasked with the responsibility to improve transparency of the department and to ensure that all executive directives issued are adhered to at all times.

The timeframe for investigations is a month from start of an investigation to an outcome.

The Internal Affairs office is on the 3rd floor in Kempton Park, Head Office and can be contacted on 011 999 7392.