Community Safety

Roads Safety First

The City continues to ensure motorists and pedestrians are safe at all times by regularly marking its roads.

Sim and Trig roads in Pomona, Kempton Park, are some of the busiest roads in the City and were given a new lease of life with clear markings making it easier for motorists and pedestrians to use.

Motorist Cyfred Masingi has been using these roads to go to work for over six years and was very impressed with the marking of the roads by the City.

“I am very pleased to see the City ensuring our safety by marking this road, now the road will be visible and safe to drive on. During peak hours we used to experience a traffic jam but with these road markings that will surely be a thing of the past,” said an impressed Masingi.

According to the City’s Roads and Stormwater Department the essential purpose of road markings is to guide and control traffic on the road. Road markings supplement the function of traffic signs, hence they are important in ensuring the safety and harmonious flow of traffic.

In strengthening its partnership with communities, the City calls on residents and businesses to report all roads related issues to the Call Centre on 0860 543 000/ or My CoE App.