Community Safety

Scam Alert: Beware

The City warns residents of scammers calling and asking for money to stop supposed service disconnection.

Customers should note that the City’s credit control actions and measures do not include phoning clients and threatening to disconnect essential services like water and electricity, instead credit control actions are strictly followed and include:

  • Delivery of a Pre-Termination notice that is instituted and is valid for 14 days after payment due date has lapsed.
    • If no payment comes through, then electricity is disconnected/blocked.
  • The above process is conducted by disconnection contractors’ personnel who carry Ekurhuleni identification cards and travel in branded cars.
  • These contractors do not at any stage talk to or phone customers, they just execute the given tasks, which are delivery of notices and electricity disconnection.
  • The contractors do not disconnect water, only the City’s water and sanitation department disconnects water on business premises, which is done on special request by Finance Revenue Department.