Community Safety

Street Conduct /Behaviour By Laws

by lawsWhat NOT TO DO on public streets to avoid imprisonment, fine or both. Remember the price for imprisonment is not only losing time but having a criminal record.

Did you know that to

  • play cricket, football or any game
  • repair a vehicle or wash, clean any item in the street
  • deface, paint on any property, road traffic signs without consent
  • place a rope wire, pole, banner advertisement across any street
  • use roller or other skates or fly a kite
  • make a trench,
  • spit in or on any street or public place

can land a person on the wrong side of the law.  Any person found by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department officers committing these offenses is on conviction liable to a fine not exceeding R2 000. Defaulting on fine payment results in imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months. In the worst-case scenario, you may find yourself paying a fine and imprisoned.