Community Safety

Texting and Driving is Dangerous

texting while drivingTexting while driving is one of the most dangerous distractions and can have disastrous results.

Five seconds is more than enough for an accident to occur when you get distracted by reading or writing a text message while behind the steering wheel.

“Every text, emoji and selfie that captures your attention limits your awareness while driving, putting you and those around you in unnecessary danger. Yes, even just one text can lead to an accident,” says MMC for Community Safety Cllr Frans Mmoko.

“The reality is that every time you pick up your phone while driving, you see and concentrate less. You stop looking around at your environment – in front, behind, to the right and left. Your field of vision shrinks. You don’t even see what’s in front of you,” warned MMC Mmoko.

Here are some of the other risk factors to consider before you pick up your phone when you are behind the wheel:

You are probably breaking the Law: On all roads, texting and driving is illegal, so you could be fined.

Your insurance could go up: If you get a ticket for distracted driving, chances are your insurance rates will go up.

You could damage your car:  If you cause an accident while texting, you could severely damage your car. A damaged vehicle will not be cheap to repair or replace.