Community Safety

Unauthorised Use of Fire Hydrant as Water Source is Punishable

It is illegal to use a fire hydrant to obtain water for purposes other than firefighting, unless authorised by the water authority.

Any person who uses a fire hydrant without the appropriate authorization is liable to prosecution and a fine. The current levy is R30 595.16 according the city’s promulgated tariffs.

Should there be any damage to a fire hydrant during unauthorized use, the repair cost plus 15% administration fee will be levied against the concerned person.

This applies to CoE departments including the Water and Sanitation Department in case of unauthorized use of fire hydrants.

Fire Hydrants are devices for extracting water from pipelines and water distribution systems for firefighters in the event of a fire, and only in very special cases will the City of Ekurhuleni permit a person to utilize a fire hydrant and only at specific geographical positions.

The city will appreciate if residents can email the details such as the address where an offence occurred, date and time, and vehicle registration number and pictures as proof where a vehicle is used to