Community Safety

Using Public Transport Can Reduce Traffic Congestion

The City of Ekurhuleni is making strides towards providing a system of transport that integrates all modes for the convenience of commuters.

Integrated transport involves the combining of different modes of transport to maximise ease and efficiency for the user in terms of time, cost, comfort, safety, accessibility and convenience.

MMC for Transport and Fleet Management Cllr Phelisa Nkunjana said, “Different modes of transport have differing technical and operational capabilities. Each mode in the system has to develop its capacity to meet specific demand viewed within the total demand for all modes of transport in the system. In this way, as well as competing with each other, they also supplement each other.”

A successful integrated transport system should result in a higher demand for public transport, with a knock-on reduction in congestion and pollution.

The Harambee Bus Rapid Transport (BRT), a brainchild of the Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network, currently operates and offers a seamless transport network for residents of the City.

“Our investment in the BRT system has transformed the way in which the people of Ekurhuleni live, interact and access educational and economic opportunities,” the MMC said.

She noted that the system has helped to decrease the number of vehicles on local roads; reduced the probability of road crashes; support economic development and created jobs for the people of Thembisa where the system is currently in operation.

“The use of public transport ensures that there is a decline in air and noise pollution and traffic congestion, said Nkunjana.