Corporate Governance

City Welcomes New Councillors

It is with great honour and delight that the City welcomes new councillors who will now form part of Council going forward. The new councillors, who were filling vacancies in Council, were sworn in by Speaker of Council Cllr Alderman Patricia Kumalo in the Speaker’s office on Thursday, 23 May.

In terms of Ekurhuleni Standing Orders By-law, councillors who fill a vacancy in the Council between elections must be sworn in or make an affirmation before the magistrate in the Council meeting, or at any time by arrangement be sworn in or make an affirmation before the Speaker in the Speaker’s Office. 

The new councillors are Paulina Modiba, Elizabeth Masina, Moipone Mhlongo, Ilaira di Siena, Annette Vester, Joelene Mthethwa and Kade Guerreiro. 

PIC: Speaker of Council Alderman Patricia Kumalo swears in new councillors Annette Vester, Joelene Mthethwa, Kade Guerreiro and Iliara di Siena.