Corporate Governance


The appointment of senior management is not only a prerogative of council but also serves to stabilise, strategically direct, and realign the development goals of the municipality. Today, the City of Ekurhuleni Council made four critical appointments which will serve dutifully, lending their expertise in restoring the integrity of the city through impactful service delivery and augmenting the vision of a unified, smart developmental city.

Dr Imogen Mashazi returns as the City Manager with over 25 years’ experience in local government. The first female City Manager to be appointed in 2016, Dr Mashazi continues to provide exemplary leadership having achieved clean audits during her first term as City Manager. Her career history demonstrates resilience, having worked her way through the ranks and solidified her experience, becoming Chief Operations Officer prior her appointment as City Manager. She will continue leading and managing the realisation of the institution’s vision as the City moves steadily into a new era of governance.

Mr Isaac Mapiyeye has been reappointed Chief of Police, with a solid track record in the policing section, Mapiyeye is no stranger to leadership, he will oversee the improvement of safety and security, enforcement of by-laws and building safer communities as part of his duties. Mr Caiphus Chauke and Mr Moloko Monyepao have been appointed HoD of Economic Development and HoD Information, Communication and Technology, respectively.

The “Back to Basics” strategy is a restorative development plan for the City of Ekurhuleni. Through retaining critical talent at senior management level, the City of  Ekurhuleni Council has delivered on safeguarding continuity and inspiring a culture of employee excellence.