Corporate Governance


Parliamentary Select Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation chairperson, China Dodovu, has described the City of Ekurhuleni as ‘the best run municipality in the country’.

Speaking during the committee’s oversight visit to Ekurhuleni last week, Dodovu said the City was getting many things right and this was evident from the fact that it was consistently receiving clean audits.

“Ekurhuleni is doing so well that we as this committee are considering inviting you to parliament so that we can learn a few things from you. Whatever you are getting right here must be shared with the other municipalities in this country because they can surely learn a lot from you,” said the chairman.

“You have a coalition government in a place like others, but one gets the sense that things are stabilising nicely in Ekurhuleni. The administration is stable and so is the political landscape. This is a clear demonstration that this city has proper leadership.”

“Here in Ekurhuleni, there is dynamic cooperation and a spirit of working together between the political and administrative offices. You lack that in most municipalities around the country and that is a major source of divisions, dysfunctionality, and other related challenges which affect the delivery of services to the people,” he observed.

Dodovu further congratulated the city ‘for getting three clean audits in a row.’ “In actual fact hats off to you for being the only metro to get a clean audit in the financial year under review, because some of the other metros including Cape Town could only achieve unauthorised audit outcomes.”

Executive Mayor Sivuyile Ngodwana promised the committee that the City will continue to work hard to change the lives of the people of Ekurhuleni for the better.

“We were given the mandate to improve the lives of our people during the local government elections, and in doing this we shall ensure that there is political stability in our city, clean governance and most of all service delivery will take centre stage,” he said.

“We appreciate the oversight visit because it has given us an opportunity to share our success stories and take back lessons that can assist us to achieve even more.

“Among other things, we will continue to work to strike a balance between obtaining a clean audit and accelerating service delivery to our communities.”

The Mayor further assured the session that the People’s Government remains glued to ensuring healthy working relations between the political wing and the administration.