Corporate Governance


In ensuring an orderly built environment and compliance with land uses in communities, the City of Ekurhuleni calls on all tavern owners to adhere to the City’s policies and bylaws.

Taverns are governed in terms of the Town Planning Scheme 2021, Spatial Planning Land Use Management Bylaw 2019 and the National Building Regulations and Building Standard Act 103 of 1977 as amended, and Gauteng Liquor Act (Act 2 of 2003), among other legislative requirements. 

Land uses not approved through the City’s processes give rise to challenges of inability to monitor security, mushrooming of illegal land use activities in wrong places, the structural safety of buildings compromising the safety of patrons and neighbours, noise pollution and the unauthorised use of municipal services which has an impact on infrastructure maintenance and costs. 

In ensuring a common understanding, a tavern is defined as part of a dwelling house or a shipping container used for the sale of liquor for the purpose of on-site consumption, as per the Gauteng Liquor Act (Act 2 of 2003). Food can be prepared and sold and entertainment provided to patrons – subject to the health and safety regulations of the municipality. The tavern is to remain ancillary to the main residential use.

It must further be noted that tavern applications to operate can be considered where the residential or business property has the necessary rights and the building plan is in compliance with building regulations. It is illegal for property owners to start with the operation of selling liquor and entertain patrons from a property that has no land use rights and parking ,as stipulated by the City’s policies.  Fire safety (escape routes, emergency signage) and the number of ablution facilities (health) are also key in approving applications for taverns.

The City encourages tavern owners to visit their nearest Customer Care Centre and engage officials in the Town Planning and Building Control Department for more information. Applications will be considered for approval based on compliance with policies, and applications must be prepared by a qualified town planner. Where building plans are required, plans must be drawn up by a registered architect.

Inspectors will continue to monitor compliance throughout the City and issue contravention notices where land uses are not in line with the City’s policies and bylaws.