Chief of Police Commends NGO for Charitable Effort

On Monday, 20 April, the City’s Metro Police Department four-storey headquarters in Kempton Park was sterlised and all EMPD buildings will follow suit.

The Scientology Church Ministry volunteered their services to sanitise all EMPD buildings and official vehicles, following the COVID-19 lockdown. Chief of Police Isaac Mapiyeye and his management team endorsed the service after going through the company’s profile; they came out highly recommended by national, provincial and neighbouring law enforcement agencies because of the exceptional charity work they have been engaged in previously.

“We trust and believe that the good work you are performing here will also apply to others. We thank you,” said the chief to the group of volunteers who, dressed in protective gear, disinfected the building and vehicles early Monday morning.  

The NGO promised to continue sanitising all EMPD buildings and means of transportation in the fight against the Coronavirus.