The City of Ekurhuleni has put systems in place to ensure that service delivery is not disrupted during Monday’s planned shutdown.

After carefully considering possible threats to its functionality as a result of the planned action, the City has moved swiftly to ensure that there is less to zero impact on services on the day. We are also aware that some employees may participate in the action while others may be prevented from coming to work. Despite all this, the city will continue to provide essential services to our residents and our teams will be on standby to attend to any service delivery interruptions that may occur.

The EMPD working with other stakeholders in the field of community safety will be on high alert and ready to deal with any threat to municipal and private infrastructure during the shutdown. They have also been briefed to deal decisively with any acts of anarchy, disobedience and sabotage.

While the City respects the Constitutional rights of citizens to embark on protests, an appeal is made for peaceful, and orderly protestations on Monday.

It must be emphasized that the City will take a zero-tolerance approach to criminality, vandalism and intimidation on the day.

Meanwhile, the City has already established a Joint Operation Centre that will monitor the day’s activities and action any intervention as and when necessary.