The City of Ekurhuleni has in the past two weeks, through electricity disconnection blitzes, recovered R8,1 million owed by businesses in and around Germiston. 

The City has established a team comprising of EMPD and officials in finance and energy departments to switch off electricity and restrict water supply to businesses that owe the municipality money. Businesses that have illegally connected to the water supply lines or the electricity grid are also fined in the process.           

“We need the money to improve the levels of service delivery in the region. There are projects that must be undertaken but cannot due to the non-availability of funds – mainly through non-payment of services,” explains metro spokesman Zweli Dlamini.

“We will do everything to recoup all outstanding monies and we are happy with the progress thus far – but do believe that we can do much more.”

In the meantime, the City appeals to ratepayers who owe the municipality money to make the necessary arrangements to settle their debts to avoid any inconvenience that may be experienced as a result of strict credit control.