The City of Ekurhuleni has just employed 1,200 community safety marshals to assist in the fight against lawlessness.

During a welcoming ceremony held at the O.R. Tambo Government Precinct this morning, Community Safety MMC, Cllr Sizakele Masuku instructed the team to be extremely vigilant against crime and any suspicious activity they come across as they parade the streets of Ekurhuleni.

“These men and women are going to be extremely critical in the collection of the data and intelligence which will then inform future operations of the EMPD. They will also be looking at other social ills in the communities, and act as a bridge between the community and the metro on issues of crime and related matters,” MMC Masuku said.

The recruitment of the marshals is part of the Presidential Employment Programme.

“Our objective is to create employment in line with the Presidential Employment Programme. Secondly, we are trying to create a safer Ekurhuleni for everyone who lives here. A child must feel safe in their community and so must be the oldest person in the same vicinity,” MMC Masuku said. 

She said it is now time the communities reclaim their environments from criminals.

“We must take back our streets from criminals and make them safer again,” she said.

 She urged members of the community to work closely with the new marshals because crime is a societal problem that needs everyone.

“It starts with you loving yourself, loving your family, loving your country. If you do that, you cannot stand and do nothing when you see crime rising in your country,” MMC Masuku emphasised.