The net is closing in on thieves who tamper and damage essential infrastructure in the City, following the successful arrest and sentencing to seven years’ imprisonment of a would-be cable thief at the Kempton Park Regional Court on Tuesday, 26 July 2022.

The watertight case presented by the City’s law enforcement structures, working with private security companies, led to the conviction of Clement Ngwenya, an illegal immigrant, who was found guilty and sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for tampering with essential infrastructure. When arrested in June 2021 he was found digging a trench along the wall of Safari Lodge on Pomona Road in Kempton Park, where a municipal cable lay.

He left a spade, pick and a box cutter at the crime scene, which were used as evidence to build a solid case.

The City reiterates its stance of zero tolerance on vandalism and tampering with essential infrastructure and affirms that the law will take its course on perpetrators.