The Empd Equestrian Unit Gets Surprise Visit

Tears of joy, sparkling eyes and extended smiles summed up a beautiful day for some members of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) Equestrian Unit after receiving a surprise visit from an eight-year-old girl who loves horses.

The sweet story began on 7 March when officers Martin Pool and Quinten Pretorius were approached by the girl, who was in the company of her guardians, during their patrol in Impala Park, Boksburg.

EMPD Spokesperson Kobeli Mokheseng said when the officers first met the youngster, she told them that she adored horses. The young and fearless citizen volunteered to feed and massage two EMPD patrol horses, namely Soldier and Golden.

Before she left on that exciting day, she promised to visit officers with her artwork and the two officers gave the address where the unit is based.

The youngster fulfilled her promise and surprised officers Pool and Pretorius when she rocked up at the EMPD Equestrian Unit precinct in Petit on 22 March bearing gifts.

“She rocked-up with drawings of two horses, with moving messages written in Afrikaans on gift cards, and the officers couldn’t hold back the tears,” Mokheseng said.

He said the translated messages read,  ‘You are the best, you are beautiful, you are strong, I love you, Soldier, you are clean and neat, you are my favorite superstar, I love your hair and your saddle is soft and beautiful, no one must fear you and I love police horses’.

 “As EMPD officers, we love working with animals and are handling dogs and riding horses. We look after them, they are part of the EMPD family and we respect them because they watch our backs and we also have theirs,” said Mokheseng.

*The name and photo of the minor could not be published to protect her identity.