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Water Wise Gardening Ideas for the Winter Season

During winter, a small amount of water can go a long way in gardening.

Plants require less watering in the winter season than they do in the summer season. This is primarily due to the fact that plants do not lose as much water during winter. However, wet plants are vulnerable to frost damage especially leaves.

Tips on watering plants in the winter season:

  • Many plants go dormant in the winter season, watering should be limited to once every two or three weeks depending on the water needs of the plant.
  • When Kikuyu or Cynodon lawns go dormant in winter, stop watering them.
  • Remember to mulch your plants; this will help keep moisture in the soil in the soil even protect the roots from the cold and reduce frost damage.

Furthermore, the city encourages residents to use water sparingly during the winter season and to find alternative ways to care for their garden plants such as using grey water.