Don’t Shelter and Feed Rodents, Clean Your Surroundings

The City of Ekurhuleni continues to wage a war against rodents infestations in a bid to fight the spread of diseases like leptospirosis, salmonellosis and rat bite fever (RBF) among others. 

Lesiba Moremi from the City’s Environmental Health Department urged residents to work together and keep their environment and surroundings clean. 

“Clean and do not do illegal dumping. Remove leftover pet food after feeding. Keep gardens free of weeds and trash. Keep tall grass, bushes, shrubs and mulch away from building foundations and make space between plants and avoid dense planting,” he said. 

He added that rodents cannot stay where they starve.

“Rodents only need food once a day, do not make your waste their food. Take out your refuse out on collection day. Have sufficient refuse bins and don’t leave refuse lying around because that can be food to them,” he said. 

He urged residents to close all water leaks in their properties as they can be the sources of water for rodents feeding. 

“For rodents to survive and have their numbers increase they need open water, readily available food and shelter,” he said. 

Moremi called on residents to use only approved poison that is registered with the National Department of Agriculture to eliminate rodents. These products can be found in many retail shops.

He added that residents must use disposable gloves when handling bait for the rodents and wash hands afterwards. 

“Place bait stations on the same path rodents normally travel on including the holes they use. This should be done repeatedly at least for two weeks after all rat activity has stopped,” he said.

Editors Notes:

Rodents is the term that is used to describe animals like rats, mouse, squirrel with strong front teeth used for biting persistently at something hard. 

Rodents communicate and attract each other through their urine and droppings. Sweeping up droppings and cleaning up dark greasy track marks or washing the area with water and mild bleach solution can help eliminate infestation of rodents. 

Pic Rodents

Lesiba Moremi assesses the rubble that can be a potential shelter for the rodents