Ekurhuleni Paves a Way for Positively Living with HIV

The City of Ekurhuleni continues to provide adequate healthcare for its residents and encourages men to develop a habit of visiting clinics, as the City’s clinic doors are open.

Mkone Tau, who has been living with HIV for the past 10 years, was grateful at how much better things have become for men at health facilities and encourages men to take the first step of visiting a clinic to know their HIV status, which is making their health a priority.

“Most of our problems start internally with a negative mind-set and worrying about what people will say when they see you queuing at a clinic. As a man living with HIV I know that it is not easy at first but once you choose to live, eighty percent of the task to achieve good health would have been done.”

The City has made the journey bearable by continuing to give its residents healthcare support for the past 20 years.

The 20years of service has ensured that residents like Tau receive their antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and necessary support.