Ekurhuleni Setting up Vaccination Stations for Vaccine Rollout

The City’s health practitioners have put their ducks in a row to ensure that all systems are in place for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

The Head of Department in the City of Ekurhuleni’s Health and Social Services Department, Dr Gilbert Motlatla, was pleased to see the vaccination stations that have been set up in preparation for the vaccine rollout for health frontline workers.

“It is really inspiring to have a dedicated team working to ensure that the City is geared up and ready to roll out the vaccine.

“The official date has not yet been set, however when the time comes we as the City of Ekurhuleni will be ready to administer the vaccine to our health workers,” said Dr Motlatla.

The vaccine stations at the Alberton Civic Centre will be duplicated in the various halls across the City.

Health frontline workers will be vaccinated at the halls in efforts to decongest the health facilities, as primary healthcare services will continue as normal when the staff are being vaccinated.

Training will further be offered to health managers so they can see how the halls in their areas need to be set up ahead of the vaccine rollout.