Informal Traders Take COVID-19 Pandemic to Head

The need to keep social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitizing hands is the new way of conducting business in an attempt to curb the spread of Coronavirus. This is according to the public health guidelines which have introduced a widespread shift in rules and behaviour for both consumers and business owners.

Small business owners across the City are heeding the call by government to comply with the regulations of curbing the spread of Coronavirus.

Edward Bologo, a small business owner says, “We try by all means to conform to the regulations to curb the spread of Coronavirus by wearing masks and keep to social distancing. Some of the customers still do not see the seriousness of this situation as they will come to buy stuff from us without wearing masks. I usually warn them of the seriousness of this pandemic and advise them to comply.”

Joy Ngomane, a business manager an internet café in Tsakane said they do not allow customers in the premises without wearing masks, in accordance with the regulations.

“We have put up a notice sign as you enter to inform customers that you need to wear a mask before you enter.  We have put aside a bottle of sanitiser for the use of customers as they enter. We also understand that computer keyboards can be a transmitter of Coronavirus, so we sanitise them after each customer use to avoid contamination,” he said. 

Maria Mahlati is a street trader selling fruit and vegetables in Kwa-Thema. She said, “The Coronavirus is a dreadful reality for small businesses. Most customers who come to buy at my stall do so wearing a mask. The new ‘normal’ is a reality and I think the message has trickled down to every member of society that Coronavirus is a reality and they need to protect themselves as well as the next person.”