Puff and Pass No More

The township mantra of puff and pass (in reference to sharing of a cigarette) in the era of Covid-19 comes with huge life risks for smokers.

Tobacco use has proven to have a huge impact on respiratory health and is one of the main causes of lung cancer.

Sharing a cigarette at this time may have implications for smokers given that the virus that causes COVID-19 enters through the mouth, eyes and nose primarily affecting the respiratory system.

While the sale of cigarettes remains suspended in the country due to the pandemic there are some people who share the little that they have.

Sister Khanyisile Dyantyi from Andries Raditsela Clinic in Langaville says, “Saliva can be a major transmitter of the virus for smokers who share a cigarette. Puff and pass is risky,” she explains.

She advised that quitting smoking has many important health benefits in the future, which include less likelihood of emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes – to name a few.

“If you continue to smoke, you also have a greater risk of respiratory infections like colds and flu. And for those with heart or lung disease caused by smoking, you may be at higher risk of having severe illness from COVID-19,” Dyantyi said.