Western Health Practitioners in Conversation with Traditional Healers

Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) and traditional medicine are critical components of the healthcare system. As such, the City of Ekurhuleni has committed itself to the involvement of traditional healers in official healthcare services.

The City’s HIV/AIDS unit invited Traditional Health Practitioners (THP) from across Ekurhuleni to the annual Traditional Medicine Commemoration held at the grounds of the Thembisa customer care centre. Chairpersons from different sectors attended the event in order to strengthen the relationship between the City and THP.

Mkhulu Manyathela, a traditional health practitioner and chairperson in the Ekurhuleni Northern Region expressed his gratitude to the City for continuously involving traditional healers in dialogues to improve the health of its residents.

“The medicine we have displayed here today are some of the most popular ones we use and give patients during consultations. We are happy for the recognition and opportunity to showcase the medicine and educate our colleagues in the western medicine sector,” said Manyathela.

 He further stated that such gatherings are important as THPs also get training and guidance on medicines that may cause contraindication in patients who consult with them.

The City offers training for traditional healers on signs and symptoms to look out for in scenarios that need medical attention.

The training also touched on issues such as how to handle patients to prevent the spread of illness, guidance on the importance of adhering treatments for TB and why it is important for patients to complete the course of medicine.